Connecting the Pieces - CTP LLC. is a private, service oriented company dedicated to providing top-notch Services management consulting services for starup, small and medium size companies throught the United States.

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Connecting the Pieces - CTP, LLC

Connecting the pieces was designed to assist you:
  • In planning your business services and opperational approaches to appropriately address your customer and stakeholder needs.
  • In defining, designing and implenting services that include all of the various systems and subsystems of people, processes and technology to deliver business outcomes. 
  • Business architecture, organizational design, functional organization, communications methods and patterns along with the organizations cultural nuances are all considered as contributing elements as they relate to profitable and scaleable service execution.

Connecting the pieces is about taking a wholeistic of your area of interest. 
We approach each small business analysis project from a systems perspective. 

The observations made during this initial assessment typically have several sources; executive discussion, middle management operational and outcomes review and staff that is actually performing the function.  These interactions may be in the form of questionaires, documentation reviews, business plans, interviews and shadowing observations.  The internal observations are further supplimented with customer interviews and surveys if applicable as well as a comparison to industry knowledge bases.  Whether the area of interest is a task, group of tasks, department, division or company.
Here at Connecting the Pieces LLC., we are committed to putting our wealth of knowledge, experience, understanding and industry relationships to work for our clients.  We focus our efforts and expertise on small and medium technology services businesses to attain their desired service objectives by assisting them in identifying  and then appropriately leveraging their company’s resources and capabilities to most efficiently and effectively achieve their business operating plan goals.
We accomplish these goals by providing a collaborative, disciplined-agile and market based approach to the small business analysis, design, documenting, development and operating of their service environments.
You may rely on us to help you harness the power of a systems approach to people, process and technology harmony in obtaining your desired business outcomes.





Service design and optimization is one of our key area’s of expertise. We take the time to listen to our clients to understand their situation and objectives thoroughly.  From there we begin to align our deliverables with that of our clients vision for their small business. We then begin to map out, design and formulate tailored business and service operational architecture solutions that are designed to provide our clients with the results they require using the appropriate amount of internal and external resources within an agreed upon time frame.
At Connecting the Pieces, we take pride in delivering honest, quality work that is designed to deliver the customized business and service solutions your business needs to help propel you towards your organizational goals.  We aren’t here to tell you what you want to hear, but advise you and help you identify and address what we believe are the most appropriate options for your company  based on your requirements, our research and experience.

So if you’re interested in learning more about how Connecting the Pieces can help you apply the power of people, process and technology to improve your small business analysis, company services, deliverables and business architecture to boost productivity, and gain better overall results, please call us 630-776-0109 or e-mail us at george@connectingthepieces.biz today!

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